Home Education. Teaching from home, group meets and public adventures!

For a while I kind of shut myself and my children off from society, I mean we went out for the necessary shopping and although we never stopped outdoor playgrounds or taking woodland nature adventures there wasn’t any socialising on the cards.
I had just about enough of being around the people that surrounded me at the time. I felt massively isolated in my views and disliked nearly everything anyone had to say and their views on life! Although I am accepting of others’ wishes and their approach to things, this does not mean I want them entwining with mine or either of my child’s lives.
The toddler groups were driving me crazy and I just couldn’t bare it any longer, I didn’t en’joy people thinking I was rude or ungrateful for not accepting the group juice laced with nerve damaging aspartame. It was becoming stressful explaining to these conforming people the reasons as to why I wasn’t going to send My Boys to a public or private  school.
As I was already suffering from an anxiety disorder, chronic stress and heavy depression enough became enough, we stopped going to kids groups and for a while I didn’t have contact with any other families on a regular social meet up front. I even stopped looking for local groups to go to as it was more draining than fun and I didn’t and still don’t want my children learning the core ways taught in these places. That to me also felt wrong. I needed people, like minded people to relate too and feeling the need to socialise coming from my children was breaking my heart. Something had to give and luckily for me, it did.

My beautiful Aunt could obviously see my struggle and luckily had a friend that also home educates, Claire got some details of the NH-HE (North Hampshire – Home Educators) and passed them across to me.

It was quite some time before I actually made the push to get out and join these fabulous people in their autonomous ways of living but when I did that is when the spring came back into my step! Getting to know the real me was back on.

The first meet up we attended was rather daunting and anxiety rattled my bones. Luckily for me the sun was shining that day and most people were gathered on a hill overlooking fields out the back where some of the children were playing in trees. I was amazed, I felt alive, it felt like we had walked into another world! Children being friendly to each other, mothers freely breastfeeding, men teaching the drums to young boys with dreadlocks in their hair and parents actually caring what their family is consuming. Everybody was promoting good vibes in the warmth of the summer sun and I entered a personal place of paradise. People were kind and the conversation was of such things as growing your own fruits and natural, righteous living. Hearing others’ views on home educating and the variety of reasons as to why they choose to instantly made me feel comfortable, confident, fresh, energised and rejuvenated and my children were certainly much more at peace communicating with other free-living little ones.
Many people had similar views to mine; the gateway had been opened and the light had been gifted.
Upon spending time in the home ed meet ups you quickly come to realise that not everybody thinks similarly just because they home school. Once you grasp this and accept that all you may have in common with some of the people is that you home educate things move much more smoothly, not everybody likes playing drums in the grass!
Once we settled in and I got to know our way around the ‘movement’ I became naturally drawn to similar thinking people. It makes all the difference having the initial mind frame towards  home educating in believing it is our role to bring up our children, it makes it easier to connect on other levels. It was amazing to meet people that are actually switched on to being ecologically friendly and intelligently being active in and aware of the care we need to provide our Earth for us to be able to continue living here. It is a relief to finally have a sophisticated and meaningful conversation that encourages growth in knowledge for each person. Nutrition is a huge part of my life and healthy food has become a bit of a passion for me. I really appreciate when others can relate to and understand natural and healthy consumption, people who truly want the best for themselves and their children and who are also aware of the mainstream poisoning issues, not only in the food but in the air and water supplies too.

This is the start of a mass awakening in my local area, people are hearing the conversations and seeing the results realising that we are onto something that actually works and are then opening their minds and becoming active in changing their ways. Thus causing us to form a spiritual connection which is physically forming natural groups who sincerely wish for free, honest and righteous living.

I am overjoyed My Boys finally have a group of friends and I am thrilled to go to each meet up with a spring in my step, confidently and truthfully sharing this mass awakening. There is a friendly little, ever growing group of earth loving families that meet up regularly in Basingstoke, quite often we go to PlayDays and we all mainly love to be outside with nature, this is our networking page Eastrop Explorers, we would love you to say hello and join with us.

Since I have been regularly meeting with home educating parents, I have most definitely noticed my step being ‘re-sprung’, spending time around these kinds of natural and honest people is having a very positive effect on myself and my children. We are sharing our knowledge and talking of how, through uniting we can create healing and care for our Earth.

I feel much more focused knowing I am not alone in how I wish to teach my children and together we are righteously raising the next generation for a healthier World.

Everywhere I go I carry love and sprinkle it everywhere.


in partnership with TDP prompt.